Mix and Mingle

Pink Suitcases
A group of 4, or even 24, lost tourists carrying bright pink suitcases cause confusion as they try to find each other. Everyone turns out to be a long lost friend! Eventually, they manage to meet up, join their suitcases together and create more mayhem attempting to manoeuvre themselves round the streets. The classic Natural Theatre piece!

Pointy-headed aliens equipped with the wrong information about Earth, and naively puzzled by the reaction of Earthlings. A traffic-stopping scenario.

The Naturals Nanny is brusque, clean, starched and very efficient. Nanny’s big moment was when she led the Queen’s Jubilee Parade down the Mall. Mind you, it’s not only cutesy kiddies that nestle in the crisp sheets of those old fashioned Silver Cross baby carriages. You’ll be surprised what can be squeezed into a crocheted bonnet! The Nannies behave impeccably and expect you to do likewise. Burly rugby players have been reduced to tears (of laughter) when hoisted over Nanny’s shoulder. Bring it up dear, it’s better out than in. Is he smiling or is it just wind? Definitely smiling!

Immaculately suited men and women whose heads are beautifully arranged pots of flowers go for a gentle stroll. Highly photogenic surreal image.

National No Smiling Day
The British League of Pessimists are against anything and everything. The audience become the show as they attempt to make the protestors laugh.

Not really naked, but sporting body suits with the cheeky bits sewn on. They go about their everyday business unaware of their nakedness and oblivious of the reaction around them.

A very simple format: high status very British characters brought hilariously down to earth by the fact that they have yappy little dogs in tow.

Striding in strict formation, these serious looking gentlemen stop in mid-step and freeze for up to five minutes. A crowd gathers to investigate. Suddenly, the freeze is broken with a blood-curdling primal scream. They then continue their progress, repeating the exercise. People love to follow them to watch the reaction of the next unsuspecting audience.

The Underpant Wedding
Macho bridegrooms walk together in strict time, dressed only in vests and underpants. Their ignored brides throw themselves to the ground and weep. Every male passer-by is another jilting husband and every woman is a comforting shoulder to cry on. Is this a searing attack on male chauvinism, or is it just completely mad?

Stunning one-colour people with skin and clothing to match, posing like sculpture exhibits. They move slowly and deliberately, and carry colour co-ordinated objects. No, the photos are not touched up, they really do look that vibrant!

Grey People
Strange, sad, monochrome people creating wistful tableaux as they move slowly and silently down the street. A haunting moment in a busy day.

Green People
Completely green all over, they live on leaves and shoots. Like deer at the edge of a forest, they are very shy and hide in the bushes and hedgerows. An unusual and intriguing piece. Very green. Very calming.

Bristol housewives on an outing. The coach may have dropped them at the wrong event, but they are absolutely determined to have a lovely time!

Out for the night and out for a fight, this group of Sharons and Duanes are the perfect antidote to the more serious occasion.

Queen Victoria
and Albert too if you wish, bringing back Victorian values to the modern world. Instant Knighthoods while-u-wait. Own Beefeater if required. Her Majesty proves that there is still a use for royalty by incorporating a working cigarette lighter in her crown.

British Bobbies
Directing the crowds as if they were traffic at Piccadilly Circus and giving the shake-down to suspicious passers-by. Realistic uniforms add to the confusion! A variation is “Kissing Coppers” – a PC and WPC who are deeply in love and can’t resist getting down to some light to medium petting.

Children of The Damned
Two or more of those strange blonde schoolchildren from “Village of the Damned”. Lots of staring and piercing looks from these psychic adolescents as they try to encourage everyone to top themselves. They hate you, and they know where you live!

A gaggle of eighteenth-century fashionistas process the streets, commenting on the latest modes in evidence and gossiping loudly about everybody they meet. Absolutely gorgeous costumes, of course.

Semi-detached suburbanites carrying their own French windows, complete with plastic plants, door chimes. They jealously guard their patch and constantly peer from behind the net curtains.

School Children
Revolting 1950’s school kids in traditional uniforms, up to all sorts of mischief, asking embarrassing questions and getting into scrapes. Whoopee cushions provided!

Totally leopard skin from top to toe, our lovely ‘lasses’ find everything they encounter the sexiest thing they’ve ever seen – from bald heads to traffic bollards – nothing escapes the erotic attentions of these ‘gorgeous’ girls.

Aliens based on the scariest movie-monster ever make excellent statues on the door or fill a darkened room with smoke and a couple of strobes before leading guests through…

Long Arms
A surrealist nightmare! These four lost souls with red suits, huge long arms with massive clawing hands and a tortured, twisted head reaching out for reassurance, misunderstood monsters who just want to be hugged.

No, they’re not stilt walkers. Lit up with fairy lights, standing either side of a door, they look like the real thing – until they jump at you, of course.

Stretchy Bags

TV Heads
These bizarre walkabout characters – part man, part television – are guaranteed to turn heads. For interactivity each is fitted with a camera so whatever he sees is broadcasted directly on his screen.

Contortionist – Rubber Ritchie
Rubber Ritchie found his true vocation through years of hard work at… yoga! As characters like ‘Flex in The City’ or ‘Father Twistmas’ he embarked on his one true path – tying himself up in impossible knots

Living archway
The ultimate in statue installations, the arch consists of two delicately suspended figures woven together in a mass of decorative flowers. The impression is of exquisitely beautiful figures floating in the air.