Seaside Rendezvous

Seaside themed eventOh we do like to be beside the seaside! Bring the best of the British seaside into your event with our great fun seaside beach theme.

Props can include giant sticks of rock and beach hut fascias, and why not ditch pudding in favour of the ice cream stall? Bring in some traditional deck chairs to add atmosphere!?

Edible items including personalised sticks of rock, sweet pebbles, candy floss and pop corn stalls scattered throughout…  And why not have a laugh with our Aunt Sally cut outs – classic British seaside humour: have your photograph taken or maybe get a wet sponge in the face! Marvel at your crazy reflection in the amazing Hall of Mirrors

Stalls and amusements…

All the fun of the fair with our Victorian style traditional funfair stalls. The stalls measure 7ft square and are fitted with blue and yellow striped awnings and two strips of coloured funfair lights to add to the effect. They are easily assembled and have been designed for use both indoors and out.

Choose from our large selection of games: Cork Shooting, Mega Darts, Splat the Rat, Target Golf, Beat The Buzzer, Coconut Shy, Whack a Rat, Hook a Duck, Hook a Boat, Hoopla and Balls in Buckets.

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