Seven Deadly Sins

Never before has sinning been such an unreserved self-indulgent joy! We guarantee this dangerous theme will have your guests talking about it for months to come. We want you to explore your senses but be careful – you may find the temptation too great!

Unadulterated desire and raw passion – we’ll provide entertainment sure to send you all into a tizz!

Experience a gastronomic heaven brimming with exquisite cuisine and mouth-watering cocktails. Everyone needs an excuse to over do it!

This is your chance to take self indulgence to the next level with no expense spared! Immerse yourself in our opulent world of the luxurious and desirable. More, more, more, you want it all and we deliver! Who says a little greed is a bad thing?

Laze around in the lounge area and be pampered, whether it’s a foot massage or a gentle breeze provided by our sexy punka wallahs all night long. Decadent behaviour in its entirety – don’t you lift a finger!

Feeling frustrated and want to knock seven bells out of something… someone…. anything? No need – we’ve got it covered! Immerse yourself in our games area. There will be something there for you all to enjoy!

Want to touch the untouchable? Tough luck! Perpex boxes sporting wads of cash and gems suspended from the ceiling – yep, you got it! Watch as some of the guests around you turn an interesting shade of green – there is always a winner and this time it could be you!

Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all? Let’s face it we all need a good pampering so come on in to our lush, gilt mirrored haven of loveliness. You’ll be spoiled rotten and will most definitely walk out with your head held up high!

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