Wild West theme

Wild West theme for partiesIf you enjoy a good ol’ hoedown then this Wild West theme is for you!

Guests enter the Wild West themed event through swing doors and straight into the saloon which is adorned with red white bunting, hay bales, wanted posters, flags and barrels. Yeehah!

Rest your bones on our benches and straw bales, and survey the party room, filled with a whole lot of gingham and USA flags! Ole Snakeskin Butch will compére the evening, the line dancing or barn dancing, and our infamous saloon girls kick up their heels and dance whilst you take in your surroundings (think giant tequila bottle, western revolvers and Pioneer wagons – and that’s just to start with!)

Don’t just go for the soft touch with the dancing, try the bucking broncos, or let’s see who the crack-shot is in the scary Texan shoot out. But listen here cowboys and cowgirls, be sure not to take a step out of line or else you’ll end up in trouble with the sheriff and thrown into your very own jail! Will there be a break-out…