The Giants of Rock – Stilt Walkers
Elvis Presley, Ziggy Stardust, John Lennon and Sid Vicious, complete with giant-sized exploding guitars

Moulin Rouge / Broadway Stilt Walkers
Showgirls – as you’d find them in the Moulin Rouge or Las Vegas. Luxurious hand made costumes, very sexy and brilliant for meet and greet events.

Osteriche Stilt Walkers
Brand new revamped characters, now with animatronic eyes and bouncy stilts. Specially- cast foam put these on a par with creature shop – Headlined last year’s V Festival with the Scissor Sisters and some of Jim Henson’s finest.

Grim Reaper Stilt Walkers
Truly terrifying – our Grim Reapers have piercing red eyes, fibre glass skull, cast latex skeletal fingers and huge scythes. Not for the faint hearted.

Medusa Stilt Walkers
Sensual, enigmatic and beautiful, the Medusa slinks from person to person, reading their mind and every desire with her penetrating eyes before moving on – silent and deadly.

Cybersprite & Zen Beings Stilt Walkers
The beautiful Cybersprite – covered head to toe in silver and electric green UV reactors and when accompanied by her hypnotic moving Zen Beings they make your entertainment glowing.

Quadrahead Stilt Walkers
Two stilt aliens and their riders pushing the boundaries of physical possibility in a combination of daringly tall stilts and contact improvisation.

Geisha Girl Stilt Walkers
An island of peace and tranquillity – elegance is personified here in our glorious Geisha Girls. As a suitable male accompaniment we have Samurai Warriors.

Footballer Stilt Walkers
The footballers can be costumed in any team strip, and if you’d like we can provide a whole team for a kick-about – complete with massive balls.

Bo Peep
She’s not just lost her sheep, she’s also lost her way (and some of her marbles) … Beautiful, luxurious costume with killer eye lashes and an eight foot crook.

Stilt Walking Tree

Gandalf – Firestorm – Stilt Walker

Fairy Stilt Walker

Brighton High Society Stilts