OK, sorry about the Sherlock pun but it’s because the famous sleuth played a big part in our latest team building event, a Sherlock Holmes murder mystery event last Friday. It’s always interesting to see the timeless appeal this character has in team building events; there’s something quintessentially English and a bit over the top about Holmes, and the theme always works well, whatever kind of group we throw him into!

Don’t take our word for it though, these are some kind words from our client. If you’d like to book a fun murder mystery or treasure hunt with us, get in touch

“For me in a new role as Personal Assistant to the General Manager, I was a little nervous at organising such a big event as this isn’t something I have had the pleasure of having to do in the past. Plus the fact that many of the staff were of a varied age group and I wanted something that would suit all.


When first phoning you about the event I was unsure as to what event would suit us and the clear informative details of what your events entailed helped me hugely in making my final decision with you.


As you know, we eventually chose the Murder Mystery Event and I have to say it was extremely entertaining!


As Sherlock Holmes entered the room along with the dying person everyone went silent…

Sherlock spoke in the manner of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ (along with the clothing) and it all seemed very real! The staff enjoyed his jokes and banter along with the Policeman, and they really enjoyed dressing up and playing their role during the event, acting out who they thought the Murderer was. After a few drinks it was hard not to!


Everyone seemed captivated and after a long day, this event added to it nicely. It was the fun we were looking for!


I would like to say a huge thank you to you and your staff for the great communication along the way via email, and the lengthy phone calls as well as the face to face meeting made it all worthwhile.


It was important to us that you liaised with us regularly, as there were many people involved other than myself and staff here but, also the staff at the venue.


People are still talking about it today even after the Bank Holiday weekend which I think says a lot!”