It’s hard to believe that we’ve been on the Pretty Clever journey now for nearly 15 years and its only when I look back through the archives that I truly realise how far we’ve come and what we’re achieved. We’ve made it through one recession, four prime ministers, the London Olympics and 45 David Beckham hair cuts. We’ve worked not only across the channel but the Atlantic as well, have had 2 websites, 3 logos and have nurtured and developed a healthy portfolio of both corporate and private clients which we are very proud of.

Our services have evolved over the years – and whilst we continue to source venues, organise conferences, product launches, Christmas and summer Parties and Awards events for our clients we have also created a fantastic corporate summer festival concept which is proving to be extremely popular indeed.

Some of you have followed us for a long time now, some will be new to the world of Pretty Clever Events – but whoever you are we urge you to take a closer look at our sparkly NEW WEBSITE, Our Story and importantly what services we are able to offer.

We want you to be part of what we do next and we all know that its through word of mouth that good contacts and important messages get shared. There is no need to find yourself stuck in another dull, unimaginative and lack lustre event ever again – get involved, contact us, join the Pretty Clever journey and help us spread the word.