Not really, that was just to grab your attention as we all love that Meg that is oh so mystical. I’m not even sure what Mystic Meg is up to nowadays but I doubt it’s making predictions about incentive travel, the events market and meetings in 2012.

I have just been perusing the post survey data predictions made by the IMEX Group from the IMEX America trade show which was held in October last year.  Here are a few top predictions and our Pretty Clever thoughts and methods.

IMEX prediction: Extremely sociable media. Yes, you know the fellas I’m talking about…Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to name but a few representing the hype that is called social media.  Survey users reported using these social media sites for their businesses resulting in very high percentages of 70.8%, 50% and 87.5% respectively.  The 50% increase reported of social media use (in the past 6 months) helps to explain the statistic of over 40% agreeing that business is generated with a helping hand from social media.

Pretty Clever says: We here at Pretty Clever are well and truly on the social media bandwagon.  From Tweeting our favourite coffee shop The Hub with orders to regular Facebook status updates about what we’re up to, we believe social media is a great way to show you what busy bees we are and give you in insight into the world of events from a unique, personal (and award winning) angle.

IMEX prediction: ‘Green chain supply analysis’ and ‘responsible business’; need I say anymore? These are trends on the rise for 2012, and so they should be.  Large companies like Walmart are offering incentives for reusing and recycling goods and are working in unison with other large corporations in order to achieve their green goals.  This is great news and I think everyone really needs to start doing their bit.

Pretty Clever says: We’re no Walmart here in the Brighton office, but we’re helping!  We recycle any waste that we can, over half the team walk/use public transport to get to work but I’m afraid we draw the line at reusing tea bags.  There is strict one tea bag per mug policy…nobody likes a weak cuppa.

In terms of what we can do for you: we can help you to use sustainable products in your events as well as recycled materials.  We can offer you green solutions for your events/conferences and help you calculate your carbon footprint for all of your delegates.  At previous events we have arranged shuttle buses in order for your guests to arrive/leave safely as well as reducing their carbon footprints drastically.

IMEX prediction: Less is more…if you make it more than it was before. Thanks to our current economy (come and take a bow economy but I doubt there will be applause) it appears “doing more is less is the new norm” with “added value” being the way forward.  In other words, everyone likes a freebie.  Organisations are encouraged to offer optimum free knowledge with hotels promoting their free Wi-Fi.

Pretty Clever says: Achieving more by spending less? We’ve got that covered.  Our Free Venue Finding Service is a great way to optimise your “added value”.  You tell us your thoughts and we can find you venues all over the World, which can be complimented perfectly by subtle table centres and lighting or extravagant theming and entertainment!  Here at Pretty Clever we really listen to the client and try and work alongside you to make your event exactly what you wanted (and lots more!)  Our team building packages offer competitive costs for memorable experiences and help you to impress your delegates and guests with an event that won’t break the bank.

Pretty Clever’s Prediction: What do we think?  2012 will be the year of the Treasure Hunt!  If you are looking for adventurous, fun activity where each member has an active role then Treasure Hunts are your answer.  A great team building event which can be themed however you wish to tailor your event perfectly for your guests.  A couple of ideas we have include a French Themed hunt, Jack the Ripper and Mods and the Rockers.  Get in touch to find out more!  Pretty Clever are well under way with the IMEX predictions as well as trying to set ourselves some goals for 2012.