This week, Team GB’s record breakers returned home from Rio after winning 27 gold medals at the 2016 Olympic Games. The Boeing 747 was a spectacular sight, with a gold nose cone and a ‘victoRIOus’ livery… Not something you see every day!

This year’s Olympics opened with a cool and colourful ceremony celebrating Rio’s exciting culture – and we were inspired. Just because the Olympics is over doesn’t mean the festival vibe has to die with it. Now you can bring the fresh flavour of Rio to your very own summer event

We provide two fantastic Olympic themed parties. When I think of Rio de Janeiro, the word carnival immediately springs to mind – and that’s exactly what you should expect to find at your Rio themed party. Picture your venue draped in the traditional colours of green, blue and yellow. Walk among brightly coloured carnival bunting, beautiful honeycomb garlands and tissue balls. Our skilled Samba musicians will be dressed in gorgeous coloured headdresses and corsets for that full-on carnival glamour. Head to the bar for a mouth-watering Cachaça, Rio’s famous party cocktail. On the dance floor, prepare to let loose beside our professional hula dancers and stilt walkers!

At our sports-themed Olympic party, you’ll arrive at your venue on a floor of running lanes. Food can be decorated with international flag toothpicks or corporate flags displaying your company logo. Our catering staff will be dressed as stadium food sellers, handing out all the classic goodies such as popcorn, Cheetos and corn dogs. We can even provide Olympic coloured shots! On the podium, you’ll find a dressing up box for some seriously silly photos, or, if you’d prefer to giggle in private, our Photobooth has a fabulous range of Olympics and sports themed backgrounds.

Street Olympics

Street Olympics is the team build that encourages teams to pick up the pace and work together. Challenges are both physical and mental and cater for all group sizes. No need to don your gym kit, all that’s required is a can-do attitude and a thirst for success! Armed with a state-of-the-art GPS tablet, your team must locate areas around the city to re-enact historic sporting moments. We’ve even incorporated a video challenge so that you can take home a long-lasting souvenir of the day. If you’re the lucky winners, you’ll be crowned on a podium in front of the masses. This is most sporting fun you can have without booking a flight to Rio!

For more info on the above events, or for any other enquiries, drop us a message here. Summer’s not over yet and we still have plenty of September dates available!