It seems this year people are going all out for Valentines and not just as an expression for their own love story but as an act of kindness and simply ‘spreading the love’ as they say. We quite liked this story today and thought it worthy of a blog.

A digital love letter – Turn the London Eye Pink. At 6pm today the London Eye will turn a deep purple. People across the globe are being asked to share their favourite views and pictures of London on their various social media platforms using the hashtag #EyeLoveLondon. As each image is posted it will help to light up the London Eye in a stunning pink hue slowly transforming it into a giant digital love letter that will even mimic a beating heart.

Buck against the romantic two by two Noahs arc of restaurant dining and dive into creative adventure time to mark your love for one another –  it could be a carpet picnic in the lounge for two with lobster and champagne, arranging an adrenaline pumping activity like jumping out of a plane, or one of our favourites is some disco diva dancing to Marc Almonds ‘A new kind of Love’ which we really hope is going to rocket up the charts and we know will be a dance floor classic – nice one Marc! Watch it here – we challenge you to keep still and not wiggle

#MarcAlmondAKindOfLove ##EyeLoveLondon #happyvalentines