We’ve just confirmed yet another themed event which has been particularly exciting to work on. Weirdly if you scout around you can find props and themes that relate to anything ‘space like’ but if you’re Star Trek fan and want to step aboard the Starship Enterprise then you might have a bit of wait – well until now that is!

This event is going to be very cool….

Our hosts, dressed as Klingons and Starfleet officers will greet your guests at check in and hand out ‘Communications Badges’ (in true style with the guests name on) then direct them through the silver expanding arch onto the vessel.  It is explained that the visitors were beamed aboard the Starship Enterprise to “what you would call the future” and the group is then led to the bridge.

Our circular metal bar resembles the bridge where our bar team will be dressed in costume and led by a Starfleet officer. During the reception our space like entertainers generate some laughs and break the ice and if you are really lucky you might be able to grab a photo opportunity with Captain Jean-luc Pickard.

The lighting in the room is paramount – using clever gobo projection, star cloths and our green and blue effect led light props we will create a sci-fi illusion. Suspended from the ceiling will be giant planets and surrounding the bar our luminescent bar furniture only compliments this theme. Also suspended from the ceiling will be giant yellow glittered text spelling STAR TREK.

Beyond the bar the diners galaxy can be spotted, each table a glow with our cleverly designed led tables. After dinner we suggest the guests might want to board the lit ‘shufflecraft’ (dance floor) and strut their stuff to the live band and their space themed renditions such as ‘Rocket Man’ or alternatively maybe they might just want to hang out at the Bridge!

From the invitations that hit the guests desks to the giant props and themed entertainment this is going to be a soiree to remember!