I always get very excited when clients ask for a their event to have a specific theme, my imagination runs wild and quite simply nothing is beyond the realms of possibility.  The most common question we get asked is “What themes can you do?” – it’s a toughie, as I would like to say that we can create anything –  budgets permitting!

So, what is a theme? Well In essence it is the functional equivalent of glue that holds all the elements of the event together. No matter what is happening with your characters, or what format your event must take, there needs to be a common thread running beneath that unites the experience. Themed events can be pretty daunting for most, which is exactly why we do it and you don’t! Let us take the load off, it’s about working together, you give me the bones and I’ll put the meat on them!

We like to know about your guest demographic so we can assess what would be suitable (or not). What format does your event need to take? Is it formal or fun? Do you want something classy and subtle or an all singing all dancing entertainment filled soiree of madness and mayhem!? What time of year are you looking at holding it and does the event need to be branded? The venue is always crucial – all venues are different and some more challenging than others. Fortunately I have been venue based in the past so when it comes to respecting someone else’s property I’m pretty anal about it and always like to leave the venue in the condition we found it (believe me when I say hundreds don’t).

Once a theme has been decided upon we story board the event and work out exactly what should be included and how we set about accomplishing it. We work within your budget and will find solutions that compliment that. For us it’s about creating the unique and tying it all together. From invitations to the catering options and menu engineering, music to weird and wonderful entertainment options, table centres to free venue finding and set design to the provision of unique props – if we don’t stock it we’ll make it for you, yes really!

To conclude I think themes are a great idea if executed correctly, efficiently and with a bit of imagination. You don’t want props that are tired and have been churned out hundreds of times – just think unique, original and visually outstanding! It’s all about the experience.