Okay, so speaking for myself I think there is nothing worse than attending a hen weekend and being forced to wear tacky pink t-shirts with obscenities written all over them, or the thought of being forced to pole dance, scantly clad in front of a group of people I have never met before. Come on girls we have more chic than that surely and it really doesn’t need to be like that!

So, I’ve made it my personal mission to create some hen weekend options that are classy, chic and still fun ……instead of being riddled with sleaze.

In terms of activities we have a range of products to suit most groups, all of which I think are rather fun; laughter workshops, a day at the races (VIP styley), a calendar girl photo shoot, a cocktail master class or how about a life drawing class together with some fizz and fun (who said anything about butlers in the buff!?)

Then there is the issue of eliminating the tacky hen ‘uniforms’ and coming up with some alternative options for all you lovely ladies that want to look nice whilst feeling like you all belong together! So far we’re come up with some stunning wristlets (as seen below) which can be made in a variety of styles and colours and having been tried and tested they looked stunning!