OK – let’s face it, the number of sickies at work is going to rise dramatically over the coming weeks (depending on how long we hang on in there!) but the World Cup needn’t be something that creates trouble at work – quite the opposite.

Why not use it as a team activity, something to do all together? Not everyone is going to be mad keen for watching the games, for sure, so the best solution is to go to a place that can be a sociable occasion too. Throw in some food and drink, something for the non-footie fans to do but equally to ensure the team is all together for the duration. It’s fun, will achieve a bonding situation and stops staff skulking off with dental appointments and random funerals

We still have some options for this, places you can watch in peace, but make some noise! Places you can eat, drink and be merry but not necessarily be forced to watch the whole thing if you don’t want to. If you’d like to enquire about World Cup team away days, across the UK, please go to our Contact page and, er, contact us