People need feedback and here at Pretty Clever we feel that in order to develop and excel within the industry and be leaders in what we do we need to listen very carefully to any feedback our clients, suppliers and colleagues are willing to share with us.
Feedback is the cheapest and one of the most powerful tools accessible to your business, assuming that is, you choose to accept and action any feedback be it negative or positive. It keeps us in check and can be incredible motivating. We all like to feel involved and a good old pat on the back can do wonders to a team’s morale.
We don’t necessarily need to agree with other peoples perceptions but lets face it – it is important to be aware of them as this is all useful information that we can use to make any future decisions and strategies.
We’ve got 5 helpful hints on how to get better customer feedback

  • 1.    Be honest – Let the client get involved and make sure they are aware of the process in which you do things from the outset
  • 2.    Interview/survey – upon starting a new project be specific and make sure that you have extracted all the information you need from the client in order to achieve the end common goal. Sometimes clients won’t want to give much input on what they want but by being specific you will start the ball rolling.
  • 3.    It’s all in the questions – be sure to ask the ‘right’ questions. This can save you time and make the projects more successful. On the other hand not asking the right questions will usually result in more work down the line.
  • 4.    Listen – It’s not rocket science and if your clients can see that you are taking their feedback seriously they are definitely more likely to remain involved.
  • 5.    Explain how you work – when your clients know where they stand they are sure to feel more comfortable and open to sharing to their thoughts.