Fancy yourself as a connoisseur of cocktails, enjoy whipping up a Mojito with all the trimmings – to me there is little else that beats the scent of freshly crushed mint infused with the perfect Mojito ingredients. Delicious and in my opinion the perfect way to begin my weekend!

We get asked all the time for details on our Cocktail Masterclass – we can come to you or you can come to us it really is that easy! ‘So that means you cover just about anywhere in the UK?’ I hear you all cry – Yep, that’s right! Brighton to Glasgow and all that falls in between.

The Cocktail Masterclass begins with a welcome drink and an informative talk on the history of cocktails, the all important ‘behind the bar terminology’ and of course an insight into the tricks of the trade delivered by the pros! After that we shall immerse you into a training session which will include drink mixing demonstrations and creating your own scrummy cocktails. Don’t worry though, we’ll get you making some of the old classics – after all everyone should know how to make a Classic Martini and a perfect Cosmopolitan (I tell myself daily I’m so lucky to live where I do, my neighbours are the cosmo kings!)

This event suits most people – we haven’t yet had anyone who has been disappointed (apart from when the event has had to end that is). Hen and Stag weekends will benefit from a Cocktail Masterclass as will corporate groups of all shapes and sizes.