Two of our fabulous performers!

Ok, so the movie has had mixed reviews but the line up alone I thought was pretty impressive and anything with my hero Stephen Fry, my eye candy Johnny Depp and talent such as Mr Rickman should really be given the benefit of the doubt!

Many have felt that they just couldn’t ‘connect’ with this latest Alice edition and having read many reviews it seems that the masses are somewhat disappointed with Tim Burton, one reviewer even felt that although Burton is a talented director that ‘probably does come up with six impossible things before breakfast’; they felt ‘for this reason it was a surprise to see him produce a film so lacking in joy, innovation and curiosity’.

On a positive this film was ‘fun’ with some awesome visuals and that’s what I’ve been left with. I’m the Creative Directorat Pretty Clever and so it’s my job to pick stories apart and adapt them for my clients. How can I recreate a theme whilst using some of our own poetic license? What is my clients budget and how far do they want to take the theme? Everything needs to be visually inspiring from the props used to the catering provided and the costumes worn.  So be it Alice in Wonderland or a Mad Hatters tea party start thinking over sized and minuscule, ditch the red carpet and have a vivid green grass walk way, giant tea cups and ‘drink me’ bottles, white picket fences and giant playing cards, vibrant colours and fully themed performers is all just a sample of what’s to come!

If you have any themes that you want us to help you with or any Christmas parties to plan I’m your gal, just call me 01273 771 500!