Free venue finding throughout the UKIt surprises me the number of people I speak to that don’t really understand what a FREE finding service is and how it can be of benefit. It really is easy – in a nutshell we save you lots and lots of time and often lots of money. Sound too good to be true? There really is no catch and the process is simple, let me explain…

  1. Call us with your brief – Date, Number of guests/delegates, Event purpose, Room allocations required, Budget – if you have one, Location
  2. We do the search for you – our relationships with the venues across the UK means that we know what works for clients, which venues are good and which aren’t. Anyone can use Google but it doesn’t always tell the truth. We’ve done the research and leg work already for you and eliminated those venues that just aren’t up to scratch!
  3. We negotiate – Cost is an important factor for most of our clients. Give us a budget and we shall present suitable and affordable venues. We are also pretty good and negotiating on your behalf, try us!
  4. Proposal – We aim to present you with a detailed and transparent proposal within 48 hours. All venues presented will be on hold for you until you are able to make your decision.
  5. Confirmation – Once you have decided which venue you would like to go for we confirm the venue for you and off you go (unless of course you need us to assist with team building, theming or event management)
  6. Cost – Zero! That’s right, we do the leg work and you don’t pay us….it means that you can get on with your busy day without worrying! The reward for us comes from the venue and the cost doesn’t get passed on to you.

So, next time you need to find the perfect venue for your conference, meeting, wedding, teambuilding, gala dinner or convention call us 01273 771 500 or fill in the online enquiry form. We will be happy to do the venue search for you.