It’s always the way – you try and get somewhere on time and something ‘unexpected’ happens, out of your control and beyond the realms of possibility! It doesn’t phase us though – we are so super efficient that when we need to be somewhere by a certain time we are more than generous with our ‘time allowance’.

Take the other day for example; never in a million years would I have imagined that it would take 3 hours to get to the beautiful South Lodge Hotel (recently hosts to the G20 Summit), after all it’s only located 20 minutes down the road. Sadly there had been a nasty accident (no it wasn’t my sat nav, nor was it dodgy directions!) but we were on the road early and with a smile got our props and entertainers to our client in time.

Fitflop had a fabulous evening, red was the accent colour and order of the day with our fake paparazzi managing to document it all!

99 red balloons......