It’s getting to that time of year again when people start thinking about Christmas and all the lovely bits that go with it. No, I’m not talking about what Santa is going to put in your sticking this year but more how you might enhance your company Christmas party.
We’ve been doing this a while and learned along time ago that people want a little bit more than a meal and a disco. The problem most party planners and PA’s (who are often the ones lumbered with the task of pulling the event together) have is that there are lots of personalities to please and numbers can range from 10 – 1000! So, the challenge here is to find some form of entertainment that will appeal to the masses, that is interactive, that enhances your event and that can fit within most themes. Your answer is with casino tables.
If there are just a few of you then you might want to think about doing a poker masterclass, poker is popular at the moment and this event can be fun. For a Christmas party that has 70 1000+ guests then casino gaming tables has to be the way forward. Roulette, black jack, poker and craps tables. We can theme the fun money to compliment your corporate identity or 007 if that’s what you prefer and it doesn’t break the bank – seriously it’s an investment and will get everyone going! For a quote call 01273 771 500 and we’ll be able to help.