High excitement in Pretty Clever Towers as Open House Dining gets a mention in the Sunday Times Style magazine this weekend, featured in an article by Fleur Britten about social interaction in an internet-obsessed age.

We can’t link to the piece because you have to be a subscriber to read the Times stuff online, but if you are already signed up, the article is entitled ‘Do you want to be in my gang?’ The article leads with the slant that there’s a lot of sitting behind screens and not meeting real people or friends any more and lauds Open House Dining as a ‘new movement encouraging real life interaction with strangers’. It goes on to uphold the concept of meeting new people over food in a convivial atmosphere, and cites a quote by a previous Open House diner as saying “It’s liberating to be outside your usual circle. You can discover new things instead of enduring the same old stories.” Yours truly is quoted as saying that it’s like ‘Come Dine with Me’ but less “vitriolic”. Which is completely true. Much as we love Dave Lamb’s commentary, it’s a bit more relaxed without having to worry about his observations and the thought that whilst you’re slaving over a hot stove in the kitchen, your guests are upstairs gaily going through your naughty drawer.

We have menus lined up ready to launch on Wednesday as this September’s Open House Dining goes live but we’re always looking for new chefs to sign up. And we have some amazing prizes this year too. Come on, meet some new people over dinner! Stop reading this, switch off the internet and go do something less boring instead…

Open House Dining