Call the cops - there's been a murder!

Last week we created a fabulous Prohibition 1920’s themed event for one of our clients. All the guests got into the spirit of the evening and I stand corrected as ‘all’ guests made a real effort wearing genuine 1920’s costume, with the gangsters sporting Tommy guns and the molls authentic flapper fashion.

We had a murder mystery, some company awards a seated gourmet dinner and a blank canvas for a venue and it was our job to fit the jigsaw together.  It makes sense to start with the prohibition of alcohol, after all it was in the roaring 20’s that the ban of liquor started. Don’t worry, we didn’t ply our guests with orange juice all night but we did bring out the teacups and the guests thirsts were quenched with moonshine and appetites quashed with canapés!

The Pretty Clever team in action

The room design looked incredible with our giant props (8’ revolver, saxophone, New York Skyline, Moonshine barrels and giant pocket watches to name but a few), we had our very own gangster ‘Fat Tony’ on the door with his two side kicks and the gorgeous flapper girls frisking guests on arrival, a jazz and pianist duo and even our team got into the swing of things – actually we think the trilby’s rather suited us!

I would love to tell you more about the murder mystery but you’d have to kill me and I don’t want to give the game away!

Dinner was yummy, the tables looked fabulous and the production was top notch. All in all it really was a fantastic soiree Speakeasy styley – a theme we highly recommend to anybody that is looking for an evening that is themed, interactive and masses of FUN! Check out more of the images on our facebook page (prettycleverevents) I promise you’ll be impressed!