Just been catching up on the event industry news and feel compelled to write briefly about it, highlighting the overwhelming sense of positivity I can see across most of the event trade media.

Take this morning’s M&IT Magazine/Meetpie news about Richard Branson throwing his weight behind National  Meetings & Events week. Great to see big names like this lending support to our industry, highlighting the importance of celebrating what is largely recognised as a positive time for the events sector. And it’s also encouraging to read about some of the larger event management agencies fielding record profits as we enter the final quarter. As a barometer for our industry, the outlook is good. The temperature is rising

Here at Pretty Clever we’ve noticed a great return to form – particularly during the last six months – and as we move into the final quarter of this year, we too are recognising an enormous business boost as enquiries pick up, budgets improve and lead times increase. Our week on week performance vastly outstrips the same period last year, and we’re cautiously optimistic about the future, whilst recognising of course that we’re not out of the woods yet. But our intention is to capitalise on this, work to continue retaining clients, generate new business, and be flexible about our options. As a smaller agency we have the capacity to do this, be quick on our feet and it’s this speedy response, together with our ability to offer the kind of personal service we’ve become renowned for, that has kept us up and running through what has been a tough time.

Personally, I’m really enjoying the buzz in our office. The team are all energised and motivated by the constant phone calls, the return to more creative briefs for events and even by having to work late to meet deadlines. Fingers crossed that with our optimistic and flexible outlook, our steady expansion will continue. The future’s looking good