We had the pleasure of working with a seriously fun group last week. These guys took the word competitive to the next level and were game for pretty much anything. We like to be flexible and this client wanted us to start the Treasure Hunt at their offices, admittedly it meant adding some new clues but as we aim to please we really didn’t mind. After the briefing and explanation of the afternoon’s events each team was given a budget and told to get to a specific location in order to get their clues. Now some might think that flagging down a taxi or taking the bus could be deemed as a pretty obvious method of travel – but oh no, not this lot! One group even flagged down a lorry and got chauffeured to the location!

The Winning Team

The treasure hunt was a roaring success; the client had asked us to incorporate some school sports day races into the mix which worked brilliantly. Those that wished to participate made their way to the finishing line on space hoppers and in sacks.

We always like to get feedback from our clients and we thought we would share some of the lovely comments we received from the staff:

“I thought it was Pretty Clever. Seriously – a wonderful afternoon and a great way of generating genuine camaraderie within our company.”

“I had a fun time and think the company who set it all up did an amazing job.”

“I had a really fab time . I enjoyed getting to know some different people .
I thought the compare of the event was really funny too and the whole day was really well organised.”

“I really enjoyed it, the questions were tricky but not impossible, the teams and route was well planned out and the hosts were a good laugh too.”

A fabulous group to work with!