Ok, so I agree, getting a specific budget out of a client is often pretty tricky and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked to just “come up with some ideas”, all very well but not at all helpful

We stick to the budgets you give us

– ever heard the expression ‘how long’s a piece of string’?! There is however something to be said of clever questioning and it’s amazing how the ‘right’ questions can reveal ideas and dreams that are within your clients head, hence prompting budget type conversations.

Maybe you subscribe to Martin Lewis’ money saving tips (www.moneysavingexpert.com) or perhaps some other financial guru, whoever it is I feel sure will deliver a similar message – ‘create and stick to a budget or risk failure’. Budgets help you to prioritise what and where you need to spend your money and it works both at home and in the workplace. When I’m talking to a client I need to know what they need to achieve within their budget – What type of venue do they want? Does food need to be provided? How many guests will there be? Do they need any production, if so what? Is there any entertainment or theming to be provided?

I’m passionate about getting it right for my clients and working with what they have got – that’s why I’ve put together a Top 5 Tips on Budgeting which I hope will help!

  1. Categorise

List the items and areas that need to be included within your budget.  Venue, staff, food and beverage, logistics, production, entertainment, stationary and theming to name but a few.

  1. Keep track of all your spending

It’s impossible to keep track of what you’re spending if you don’t know where your money is going. We are transparent with costs, it’s all itemised and we don’t surprise you with any unexpected additions which is crucial.

  1. Be realistic with your budget plan

Unrealistic budgeting will just set you up for disappointment. Think carefully about what you need to achieve and prioritise accordingly.

  1. Update your budget

Your priorities might change throughout the event planning process. Numbers of attendees can change – you have more attendees then you will have less budget to spend elsewhere. You have less, then you’ve either saved yourself some money or you have a bit more to play with that could enhance your event in another area.

  1. Review your spending

Many companies run annual conferences, teambuilding events and parties. Have a look to see what worked well for you last year and what didn’t, by identifying your successes and your failures you will be able to work forward. Was there anything about your last event you would change? Has the economy changed and is it worth shopping around to see what other suppliers can offer?

To nut shell the above though I am proud to say that we, Pretty Clever, listen to you; you give us a budget and we’ll do our utmost to provide you with extraordinary ideas that will add to your event as well as being within budget. We are not interested in making a quick buck out of our clients – we want you to be amazed at what we have achieved on your behalf, we want your boss to give you a pat on the back for staying within budget and we want you to come back to us next time because we stick to our word and deliver beyond your expectations.