There is no escaping the fact that investing in your team is crucial to the success of your business and morale of your employees. It’s true – it really is important and if it’s not something that you are partaking in at the moment you should really think carefully about this for the future.

Do you belong to one of those companies that takes you out for drinks every Friday after work (often nice but not always necessary) then why not encourage your boss to find another way to motivate the team – even if it’s just once in a blue moon! From as little as £20 per person there are all sorts of options available ranging from a treasure hunt to a cocktail master class, a drumming workshop to a CSI challenge and circus skills to an old school sports day!

The other area that we are finding works a treat for many is to start the day with some kind of whacky motivational activity such as our ever popular laughter workshop – an amazing release of endorphins to start the day with in addition to be an incredible team building opportunity and we promise there wont be a dry eye in the house. Another great example would be an office energiser, because lets face it we’ve all been in the office or in a meeting wondering how long it will last or taking a sneaky peak at your watch to see how long you have left or zoning out and gazing out of the window, or not wanting to go to work in the first place. Team building events should be a company must, they will generate you more money and will keep everybody focused and up beat – try it….you might be pleasantly surprised!