Events can be a funny old game sometimes – never are two days the same and rarely do you get any two clients with the same brief. What all this means is that my team and I need to be flexible and ready to react as and when our proposals come into fruition which is not a bad thing and certainly keeps us all on our toes!

It might be that one day we get a call asking us to produce a bespoke team building event for a team of 50. When asked the question of when they are looking to hold the event occasionally I am sometimes faced with the task of creating, producing and executing the event in a week (no mean feat I can tell you!) Phased I am not though, and with my magic wand I have been known to create that bit of magic for my clients, all to time and budget – not bad.

The other side of the coin though is those clients that like to plan in advance. I promise they do exist, all be it far and few between! I’m particularly excited at the moment with an event I have been working on since 2008 (that’s right a whopping 3 ½ years). My client is Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance who will be hosting the next AIRMED congress in May and which will consist of a 3 day conference, exhibition topped off with an impressive gala dinner.  This prestigious international congress will be held in the UK for the first time ever and so we look forward to welcoming professionals and friends from this field from all over the world to England. It’s been a few years of planning but it is all starting to come together nicely. I love it when a plan comes together!