We’re always getting asked to come up with ideas that are ‘different’, ‘original’ and that maybe even air on the side of being a bit ‘whacky’. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that we take your requests seriously and so, together with our creative team of experimental geniuses we think we can now tick the ‘whacky’, ‘different’ and ‘original’ boxes!!

No mean feat I can tell you! I mean lets face it what hasn’t been done these days? It was only on Saturday that I was watching Britain’s Got Talent and its weird and wonderful acts! Anyway, I deviate…..


So some of our new experiences, in a nutshell….


Day of the Dead

Get to experience the one thing in life you will never encounter. Welcome to the macabre world of the Day of the Dead. An opportunity to see what your funeral would actually be like. Placed on a high chair enshrouded with angel wings you will get to look down on your own funeral. With a colourful Mexican procession, a

coffin with an effigy of you is paraded around the venue supported by a wake of wailing banshees and your friends in mock mourning, you will get to hear what your friends really think of you as the Vicar holds his service dedicated to you.


Village Tea Party

A thirty minute interactive performance, where members of the audience join the cast at the tea party table. Expect the Women’s Institute and the Vicar leading the tea time proceedings. English eccentricity at its best, tea, cake, knitting and clever word play, perfect for children and adults alike.



The Cinema in the Back of a Black Cab Be transformed into a movie star and walk down the red carpet for an intimate cinematic experience. Once you’re inside and sat on the velvet seats, surrounded by red and gold opulence, the lights dim and the movie begins in full surround sound…

The ladies of choice are our wonderful dancing Usherettes, who whisk up excitement and make people feel a million dollars as they walk down the red carpet. We also have Miss Poppy Corn, who can be on hand to give out popcorn in her good old cockney way.


This is all make believe and just a very original way to encourages audience participation parallel to our fully trained all singing all dancing hilarious team of actors – Oh, and you get to be inside the only inflatable church in the country. A very very cool venue.


And if Day of the Dead or Village Tea Party don’t tickle your fancy then perhaps a Hill-billy or Zombie Wedding might! Well worth finding out a bit more – I promise!