Driving to work this morning I was making a mental note to self ‘Must dust down bike and start cycling to work’, ever the optimist perhaps but you know I might just give it a go! I think it’s the sunshine that inspires people; suddenly everyone wants to start getting active, drink in beer gardens and embrace the outside. Its days like today that I want to take my office outside, sadly though I don’t think it will be very conducive so I shall have to resort to writing about all things sunny.

We’ve been playing around with our sports days and whilst the our old School Sports Day has been such a hit with our clients we thought it would be a lot of fun to create one that’s a bit more off the wall and that will be hilarious for sure!

So – Three legged race anyone? Would you like to wang a welly sir? A slow motion chariots of fire race m’dear? We can bring all the fun of the school yard directly to you, with our totally wacky sports days. We will create an arena complete with start & finish lines, plenty of bunting, and a whole host of races that will excite anyone – competitive or otherwise. Hosted by a team of funsters that get the crowd going with their comedy demonstrations, and on mic / megaphone banter, our Whacky Races are an entertainment centre for any event.

I’ll leave it to you guys to get in touch if you want to find more out about our activities but just to give you a taster the type of activites to expect will be:

You’ve Been Foiled Gang, Bottle Rocket, Plate Face, Egg Roulette, Human Sheep Herders and Wheel of Misfortune to name but a few!!