Its been such an interesting month for me – work has been so diverse and the previous grumbles about slow business have turned into, positive grumbles of an ever increasing work load! As I was rightly reminded only last week, there are far worse things to have a whinge about than too much work that’s for sure!!

I never lost my passion for events, its in my blood, but over the past month or so I’ve rekindled my event love affair and I’ve remembered what it is about this industry that I adore so much. If you were to ask me to put it in a nutshell it would be the diversity of my job, no two events are ever the same which means that it remains exciting. In the past week alone I have covered 800 miles, produced 4 different events, managed 8 clients expectations, had four letters of positive feedback, worked with 72 individuals that have all ‘added’ to my events and somehow fitted 4 extra days into the month. Nothing short of genius, ha ha!

For yesterdays event we had been contracted as a PCO (professional conference organiser) for a client based in Derby. It was a 3 day event and took place in a venue in Birmingham. Our role was to manage the AV and set design, assist with a chat show conference style format, facilitate an icebreaker followed by some cerebral and physical team building tasks, record the days findings by way of illustrations, de-rig and then turn the room around in 1.5 hours ready for a gala dinner and an evening packed with entertainment – namely our very own hilarious murder mystery event. It all went incredibly smoothly and I only panicked once and that was when a coach load of non-English speaking Japanese tourists turned up at reception – just in time for the ‘murder’ gunshots, and our pretend police – with some forward thinking we managed to avoid a sudden scene of hysteria *wipes brow*!

Today, well I’ve been back in the office, laundered some chair covers, paid some suppliers, sent out a proposal and started on my next project…all will be revealed.