I think it’s high time we introduced Employee of the month and to recognise some of the outstanding work that takes place under within the Pretty Clever fold. I feel lucky to work with such lovely people and whilst we all have a good cheer when we confirm a job I think it’s the feedback post event that is equally as important.

It’s been another great week for great feedback and this time I think some special thanks is due to one of our new recruits, Cara. Cara joined us 2 months ago and so far so good – she is a very welcome bubbly and enthusiastic team player that has embraced her role and the Pretty Clever ethos that goes with it.

Since starting Cara has worked on a handful of events and has managed to confirm more than half of them so far – today we received the first bit of feedback from her first confirmed account. This event was a free venue search for one of our London based clients. They wanted an exclusive event and a venue that really had the WOW factor, the theme of the evening was all about staff recognition. Some of the feedback we received reads:

“I was extremely impressed by Cara – I spoke to quite a few events companies and she was the only one to offer the venue, which was exactly what I was looking for. She was prompt, helpful and very attentive. Also she made me feel comfortable being quite demanding about what I wanted!”

Speed of response to initial enquiry, Office helpfulness, Expectations fulfilled, Venue Expectations

Fulfilled, Guests Response, Value for Money – ALL EXCELLANT!

When the client was asked if she would recommend Pretty Clever again we got a “YES, definitely!”

Cara, we never doubted you, you’re a star and definitely win Employee of the month. I’m looking forward to shadowing you on the next two events that have confirmed (a themed private party and a product launch). Well done, keep up the good work!