Cara trying to get some shuteye before de-rigging!

One of the things we’re always keen to point out to potential employees when we’re interviewing them is the diverse and less than glamorous side of event management. Anyone thinking it’s a thrilling game of swanning about on the red carpet with the rich and famous needs to readjust their expectations. A lot of it is hard work, slaving away over venue searches, checking and checking details and information – it’s for the anally retentive, the thorough and the dogged. The checklist is king. And one of the things you never think about are the hours and hours you can spend on site setting up and de-rigging an event, not to mention the hours and hours of waiting in between sometimes!


Conference in a war shelter!

Having said all that, there’s fun in it too, honestly. We get to play around with creative briefs, put together themed events that border on the insane and transform rooms into magical dreamscapes. A client recently asked us to arrange a flashmob for his 230-strong team of accountancy personnel. But seriously, it’s a lot of work

This last couple of weeks, we’ve had such a completely diverse range of events and we’ve got two newbies here who’ve really been thrown in at the deep end. Events have ranged from running our own wedding fair to a treasure hunt for a medical company, a theming job for a client event company and a CSI themed team building event (below). We’ve run a huge private event for a client with a pile in the country including a bar and several tonnes of sand for a beach theme, and we’ve put together a conference in a giant Anderson shelter in the middle of Newhaven Fort (left).

CSI Team Building

Throw in amazing catering, incredible tablecentres, registration desks, our own PA and AV equipment – whatever else these last couple of weeks have been, they’ve not been boring!

I guess this is what keeps us lively and inspired – the diversity. Pretty Clever Events is coming up to being nine years old soon and it seems to have passed in a flash. The feedback we get is great and we’re going to be publishing some of that soon. But keep it coming, I say. I reckon there isn’t anything we couldn’t make happen. Is that a challenge?! You bet…