Many of our clients are already starting to think about their Christmas parties and this year the budgets available seem to be on the up which is great news for both the party revellers and us!

Each year we sit and brain storm what we think is going to be on the Christmas hit list – ‘what’s hot’ and ‘what’s not’. We like to come up with original ideas but lets face it, there are a number of influences out there such as BAFTA and Hollywood that enter our subliminal minds and steer us all in a particular direction! Whilst my team and I are a creative bunch and thoroughly enjoy coming up with weird, wonderful and unique ideas we would be foolish not to investigate the big screen hit list.

A Masquerade Ball

Our intuition is telling us that the following mix of ‘oldies’ and ‘new’ will be on the radar for this year. The first five in our hit list our…

1. Harry Potter theme

Imagine a journey to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. We can play this one of two ways – some like it magical (imagine strolling along the streets of Hogwarts, a reception in the Gryffindor common room and who needs to see Santa when you can take a visit to Professor Dumbledore’s office and see the man himself?!) Then there are the ‘others’ that prefer to take a visit to the dark side where there is no sugar coating! Spooks, monsters, giant spiders and an enormous Whomping Willow – all you have to do is just be careful you don’t get ‘petrified’!

2. Sherlock Holmes theme (everyone likes a Murder!)

Interactive events are becoming more and more popular. Murder Mystery from a bygone era seems to be high up there on the hit list right now.  We can even host your party on a steam train. The idea is that where you are you become a Detective to question the surviving characters and suspects, inspect the evidence, examine clues and carry out other Detective tasks to decide the who, how and why! We can take our murder mysteries’ anywhere, we can theme it to any era and incorporate our performance as part of your dinner entertainment.

3. James Bond 007 theme

Ok, so this theme has been done, over and over, but it’s always a winner and gives guests the chance to stick on their glad rags, try their hand in the casino and mingle with the Daniel Craig, Pearce Brosnan, Jaws and Odd job look-alikes.  With regards to the theming we can transform any venue into a Casino Royale; giant gold revolver props, golden girl mix n mingles, martinis and casino tables all add to the drama of the evening!

A Winter Wonderland

4. ‘Elf’ theme

Admittedly this movie has been around for a while but let’s be honest here, unless you’re a ‘bah humbug’, it ticks a lot of boxes. This theme can incorporate everything that Christmas is supposed to be; magic, Santa, comedy, giant wrapped presents, candy canes, snow,  Christmas trees, log cabins, Santas Sleigh, and gingerbread men – hey, we can even bring you an ice skating rink and some real reindeer!

5. Masquerade Ball

We’ve been asked to create a few Masquerade themed events recently. To be fair it is themes that was in fashion years ago, but as with everything it has gone full circle and clients are asking for it again. Some say if its not broke don’t fix it but we like to keep things fresh and so have made it just that little bit more glamorous and edgy than it was before. This theme works well for anyone that is looking for a smart event as it gives guests the perfect excuse to dress up. As for theming, think VIP entrance, paparazzi, giant masks, elaborate table centres and trapeze artists for a bit of drama.