If you need a conference organiser in Brighton we are absolutely the right people to come to – not like we weren’t before but by jingo have we got it sorted now! Not only do we have DMC Brighton but we have launched a brand new service – Brighton Conference – created specifically to handle (yes, you guessed it) conferences in Brighton. Not just Brighton though, the surrounding areas of Sussex and the South East generally. Our little empire grows…

Brighton as a conference destination has grown and increased hugely in popularity. The events industry finally seeing the city and surrounding areas as a viable and exciting place to bring conference business. I could go on forever about the possibilities for team building, party planning and unusual conference space but the figures probably speak for themselves. Our enquiries board certainly does. Help!

We’ve just finished a week-long conference management job in Brighton for a not-for-profit organisation which went really well, with delegates from all over the UK, the USA and even some from down under! Waiting for post event evaluation to come back but if the feedback from the delegates is anything to go by on site, we did a pretty good job. It’s great to see international conferences in Brighton and the city really giving them a great time. I never saw a group of delegates take to a ceilidh like that before!

Anyway, check out the new site. You might not want a conference in Brighton, but you might know someone who does. We’re putting together a FAM trip at some point soon for conference and meeting planners so email us if you want to be included