“Why should we?” – A question asked by some people we call up asking if they would like a Christmas party. You would think that I would stop being surprised by some people’s response but regrettably each year I always come across a Bah Humbug or two! Through experience I know a Christmas party is a great idea.

Winter Wonderland

It doesn’t need to be a decadent affair; it doesn’t need to include a photocopier or even the embarrassment of an office ‘snog’ in the stationary cupboard (does that even still happen?!) This year my team and I have had a little brain storm and come up with 10 reasons why we think you ‘should’ have a Christmas party:

  1. Make your team feel appreciated – believe it or not the majority of people really enjoy a good party and probably deserve one too after a year of hard work.  Go on – Push the boat out!
  2. Boosts morale – it doesn’t have to involve mince pies, you could always double up the Christmas party as a team building event. How about a cocktail masterclass or a game show like ‘The De-generation game’ or ‘I’m not a Celebrity’.
  3. Escapism – Tell me who doesn’t like raiding the fancy dress box and embracing a theme. Over the years we have hosted themes from a Winter Wonderland to Charlie and the Chocolate Factor, Harry Potter to a Masquerade Ball and Bollywood to 007. When it comes to themes we can create pretty much anything!
  4. Building relationships – Christmas parties can increase productivity. A good old knees up can break down barriers and inspire fresh ideas and new relationships.
  5. Loyalty – Employers should recognise the contribution of their employees, what better way to do this than throw a party.
  6. Laughing – its good for the soul and with some fabulous entertainment thrown in can be a lot of fun. Comedy clubs, stand up comedians, some roaming entertainers or your very own production of ‘Stars in your Mince Pies’ or ‘Strictly Come Prancing’.  Nothing is beyond the realms of possibility.
  7. Shared Memories – break down the barriers within the hierarchy. Regardless of your job title we firmly believe everyone is human and most people like to let their hair down from time to time. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised!
  8. Stand out – events are much more accessible these days and really do not have to be as expensive as you think.  Stand out from the crowd, you don’t have to just go to the local curry house for a meal – why not join a shared Christmas Party or embrace an outrageous theme. We are loving our 80’s Après Ski theme this year.
  9. Good food and drink – it’s a perfect excuse to indulge in some scrummy culinary delights will your piers and reflect on the year’s achievements.
  10. A fresh start – people think that a Christmas party needs to take place in December. Frankly, if your diary is anything like mine in December I struggle to fit everything in. A new trend that is arising is to start the year off with a Christmas party – but in January.  So rid yourselves of the January blues and celebrate, often it results in a cheaper cost per head as well as so its Win Win for everyone.