I went to the LondonLaunch:Live Show yesterday at the Saatchi Gallery. I was looking forward to it as the build up for the show had been very proactive, sadly I left feeling pretty disappointed. As a company we feel it’s important to keep up with both current and future trends so I’m definitely someone that frequents many a trade show, looking for new suppliers and hoping to stumble upon a cutting edge idea. Not yesterday.

Ok – so the Saatchi Gallery as a venue is incredible, it occupies the Duke of Yorks building and includes 3 floors of interlinking spaces. I likey a lot! As an individual I’m design obsessed and so naturally loved the gallery space, it’s a totally blank canvass, is an interesting use of space and is everything a gallery should be. It’s also great for receptions and gala dinner events as it can accommodate up to 1,500 people.

But back to the show…

I felt intimidated from the moment I walked into any one of the areas. I suppose it didn’t help because it was quiet, unusual for the first day of a show in my experience. Me, I like the hustle and bustle of a show. The exhibitors were hungry for business, only natural I guess when you’ve made a commitment to exhibit, but it was a scenario a little like bees to honey pot every time a visitor (i.e me) walked in – the visitor being the honey pot. It made me want to sprint out of the room at full pelt, instead I painfully wondered around, snatching glances at the exhibitors until I reached the exit door again. Huge relief.

We’ve exhibited at other shows in the past, so I fully understand what it’s like to be both the punter and exhibitor and except that any form of show is down to personal preference. I truly hope the exhibitors got what the wanted from this show, but sorry LondonLaunch, nice try but it wasn’t the show for me.