Last week was nuts. We executed 4 events, travelled 1000 miles in 5 days and made more than 1200 people smile. The events ranged from a French themed treasure hunt for 80 followed by a gala dinner and some crazy entertainment to a Halloween themed wedding and 2 Olympic themed awards events for a corporate client in Birmingham and the South.

Olympic Theming

Lots of people seem to be all about Christmas at the moment, natural I guess. No sooner have the Halloween orange and blacks vacated our windows the Christmas lights illuminate the streets and I just know the repetitive Christmas songs are imminent. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Bah Humbug and here we definitely embrace Christmas; in fact we are very experienced at throwing an impressive party or two but we think its 2012 that we should be focusing on right now. I mean at this hour do clients really need to be bombarded with Santa sales calls?

My business partner is in Birmingham today and I’m in Brighton, the autumnal sunshine is beating through the window and it’s hard to imagine that we’ve got a Christmas season ahead. My aim this year is to spend as little time on the M25 as possible, but on the days when I am on a journey to create that something special for one of you I’m going to be thinking about all the innovative, weird and wonderful ideas we have in store for you next year. Watch this space…