Pretty Clever team member Heidi has shared her view of last week’s events…

What a busy week again for the Pretty Clever Team!  We have all been super busy organising some Olympic themed events for one of our corporate clients in preparation for 2012. The first 2 events of which took place the other week.Olympic themed event

As the newest member of the team, I was totally thrown in at the deep end I love a challenge!), as this was the first event that I co-managed. The week began with an early start on the Tuesday morning when, calm and collected, we set off in our lorry with a load of props, the final destination being the brand new Edgbaston ground in Birmingham. However, when we reached the M25 our normal air of ‘calm’ rapidly evaporated; the motorway was closed, the traffic was stationary. Further to this, after taking a new route there was yet another horrific accident on the M1! This all equated to hours of being stationary on the roads – if any of you know Sam Nash (otherwise known as Nashers in the office) you might be au fait with her infamous ‘rapping’  in moments of boredom  (facebook page December 2010)

I digress. The 3 hour journey took us NINE hours and we didn’t reach the venue until 3.30pm, a massive 5 HOURS behind schedule, which threw our entire itinerary up in the air, after months of meticulous planning.  We had to get our bearings quickly, take huge breaths and crack on with transforming the venue into an Olympic Stadium! With a giant Olympic Gold Medal, Flame Torch and Winner’s Podium to name but a few props (all can be seen in our gallery).

Luckily we had organised another team who managed to get there earlier and who did absolutely everything they could before we arrived. With half the props in our van, we had to set up the event over the phone from the motorway, which was rather stressful to say the least. Pretty Clever always delivers on their promise; no matter what happens, there is always an answer and ways around any problem and as always, we made an A-ma-zing team!

The venue looked truly amazing once we have transformed it and the Olympic themed games were a hit! They took place throughout dinner and the award ceremony and involved physical and mental challenges – this was great fun to both facilitate and watch – the guests totally loved it! We were exhausted at the end of the night to say the least, but it was worth the effort and stress to see the end result, the smiling clients and happy guests.  After a few hours sleep, we were back on the road, rather sleep deprived and ready to organise the Brighton Amex Stadium event the next day.

I’m so chuffed it all ran smoothly. For me, whilst I felt like I had actually partaken in the Olympics by the end of it, I enjoyed meeting in person staff at the venues and the clients who I had been in contact with on numerous occasions over the last few months. Some more happy clients and great feedback, which always makes us happy!

Heidi Lissamore, Pretty Clever Events