It is a touch ironic that the show labels this hilarious bunch as ‘celebrities’; evidently anyone who is a current, respected celebrity can think of better ways to spend their days than eating cockroaches and getting covered in slime (a la ‘Get Your Own Back’…I’m sure Dave Benson Phillips would be proud to know that a good ‘gunging’ is a regular occurrence in the jungle.)

Nevertheless, ‘I’m a celebrity’ always appears to be staining my TV screen at home and I speak for my housemates and I when I say I think it may be our guilty pleasure.  Although I have absolutely no idea who half of the people in the jungle are it still provides amusement on a Sunday night.

Sunday night’s episode left me hiding behind a cushion, experiencing an extremely strong gag reflex for hours to follow.  A task involving Pat-‘Fun House whole lotta’ fun’-Sharp and Fatima-‘bizarrely competitive’-Whitbread looking like carnivorous astronauts blessed our screens.  The task involved a buggy little cocktail of snakes, cockroaches, maggots and (I shudder when I write this) humungous spiders being dropped into transparent helmets – and this had to be endured for 30 seconds.  The sheer pinnacle of this task had to be when Fatima experienced an unwelcome visitor climb into her nose at the start of the task…and staying true to her competitive nature she stood there with a cockroach up her nose for 30 seconds just to pass the task.  What an absolute mentalist.  After enjoying 3 water syringes up the old nasal tract, the cockroach came shooting out.  As if the cockroach was not enough…he entered the competitive nostril to find a maggot had already set up camp from the previous trial.  Yummers.


However it’s not all bad in the jungle.  Regardless of the fact that is a bizarre grouping of people with a variety of ages and backgrounds, the trials seem to build relationships and bonds through the age old method of team building.  Pretty Clever do gain inspiration from ‘I’m a celebrity’ but I’m happy to say the extent is not as far as inviting thousands of creepy crawlies to assist at the event.  Or so I thought.  Sam just nonchalantly produced a dish of chocolate covered real bugs from her drawer and in fact we do go all out on our ‘I’m a celebrity’ events…snakes, tarantulas and all!  Furthermore, Ant and Dec (or as I still fondly call them PJ and Duncan) are quite literally hilarious (‘’I like the one on the right…is he married?’’ Nash 2011)

Which brings me to my conclusion: I’m rather glad I am not a rubbish celebrity so I am never tempted by a large package of money to jump out of a plane and have a cockroach climb up my nose.

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