…to quote a friend from school.  I am not ashamed to say I have watched Titanic at least 7 times and have cried like an absolute newborn every single time.  Sure, the Olympics are moderately a big deal this year but it has also been 100 years since the sinking of the Titanic.  On the 15th April 1912, the breathtaking result of British machinery struck an iceberg resulting in the most tragic maritime disaster the World has ever seen.

But, let us focus on the good times the Titanic had and (drum roll please) what a £63,837 one way first class ticket would buy you.  The brains behind the Titanic believed only the bare necessities should be on board: a barbers, library, swimming pool, gym, squash court and of course, a Turkish bath.  For places to catch a bite, or sip a bean, there was a Verandah Café and a Café Parisien serving only but the best haute cuisine for those in first class.  The last meal served on the titanic really did go the whole hog (see what I did there).  Passengers enjoyed a modest 10 courses including oysters, sauté of chicken, roast duckling with apple sauce, pate de fois gras and chocolate and vanilla éclairs.  Not the most accommodating menu for vegetarians where you could enjoy such treats as cream of barley and cold asparagus vinaigrette.  I would rather eat cream of hat and waistcoat viniaigrette but maybe that’s just me…

I think that will be the end of the history lesson for you.  So, why on earth am I talking about the Titanic?  We think, well we know as it is tried and tested that Titanic is a great theme for an event.  “Wear what you wore when the Titanic went down” is a great angle for a Titanic theme with people turning up in pyjamas and all sorts!  We have a bundle of Titanic themed props that could transform any party back to the elegance and glamour that the Titanic boasted.  Bunting and flags could decorate the walls, as guests enter the room on a ship gangway.  It would be as if on the Titanic with an iconic ship’s wheel as a focal point with the ships funnel behind.  Imagine the deck: anchors and ship riggings could be dotted about with deck chairs and suitcase props.

We could ensure you all feel like first class passengers by recreating the menu from the night the Titanic went down, including the port and distilled spirits which were offered after the meal.  Nothing helps you digest quite like a distilled spirit.  We also have string quartets which could entertain your guests and fill the room with that classic ambience.

These are just a light peppering of ideas we have for a Titanic themed event.  It is also one of the many theming ideas we have; get in touch if you would like us to get creative for you!  Parties are great fun as everyone knows, but adding a theme really adds that unique, memorable angle and creates a sense of unity and discussion amongst your guests.  So, make an excuse to have a party and let’s theme it up big time!