Yes, it’s time to welcome some new event entertainment to the table.   Admittedly, before we created these new options we were not offering musical chairs as event entertainment, but hey!

As we all know, everybody loves a photo booth, a magician, and of course a DJ; and of course they do provide great, (but safe) forms of entertainment for all varieties of events.  However, we have a selection of new, unique and talented entertainment which we would like to boast about.  We like to have a close working relationship with clients and put together really different entertainment here at Pretty Clever.  Over the past few months I have been researching and recruiting and am trying to persuade you to drop the boring, traditional entertainment and get on board with some singing waiters, a movie making experience and multi skilled performers!

Musical Waiters – These guys recently performed for us at a corporate dinner event in The Grand Hotel in Brighton a week or so ago.  The waiters dress in the same attire as venue waiting staff and spend the whole evening serving drinks to guests, keeping their true identity under wraps.  When the guests are served their coffees, the waiters bring out a selection of instruments including maracas, a kazoo and an acoustic guitar.  Guests are serenaded and handed roses; by working the room every single guest is singing their heart out at these romantic ballads.  The guys are seriously talented singers and hilarious entertainers.  My plan was to nonchalantly hide in the background for the performance but I have a sneaking suspicion my high pitched hysterical laughter definitely gave me away.

Film making Frenzy – this is a crazy, hip (yes, I am like my Gran saying hip) and unique entertainment option.  I feel no explanation I give will do this justice; you must see the video (link below).  This interactive movie making activity casts, shoots and screens miniature tributes to Hollywood classics, and is a hilarious way to create a party night to remember.   Recreate classic movie moments or recreate your homage to Hollywood by becoming Marty McFly, a Ghostbuster or even E.T.!  The icing on the cake is that the films could be screened at your event which would be rather hilarious.

Click HERE to have a look at what you could achieve in glorious technicolour:

And of course, let’s not forget our incredible multi skilled and extremely talented roaming performers.  Our performers can meet and greet on stilts, do fire and grind performances to name but a couple of their talents.  They also have an amazing range of costumes for every theme including the Olympics.

So if you’re having a party (lucky you) then think outside the box in terms of entertaining your guests.  If you want to guarantee a really unique, memorable experience and an evening of sheer hilarity then drop us a line.