Yesterday Lucy and I took a trip to the city and spent the day at CONFEX, for those of you that don’t know it it’s a trade show for the events industry. This year it was held at EXCEL instead of the usual venue of Earls Court – what a mission to get to I can tell you and not at all a glamorous journey. London’s such a stunning city and has soo much to offer but the trip out through the London Docklands is less than pretty and I feel there needs to be a whole big tidy up of the area in preparation for the Olympic onslaught.

Sam Nash and Lucy Russell posing again!

Back to the show though – I felt it was quite compact this year with their only being a handful of stands in each category. Whilst the exhibitors were all upbeat there was a definitely a concern about how much, if any, business will be won as a result of the show. I guess it will be interesting to see what the post show figures will say.

Being the positive soul that I am though I’d like to share some of the fun experiences we had the first being the bubblegum mousse which was a total culinary delight. The chef placed a dollop of bubblegum flavoured mousse onto a spoon, hovered it in a gold fish bowls, and covered it with liquid nitrogen which made the mixture immediately turn into a solid mass the size of a golf ball. We placed it in our mouth where it immediately dissolved but the messages from the intense bubblegum flavour made you want to chew! Totally insane and I loved it.

Being a total foodie the shot of warm chocolate and raspberry soup can only be described as a mouthful of heaven. I promise you could serve guests a plate of fish fingers, chips and peas but follow it with this divine soup your guests will be talking about it for ever!

So the culinary delights interspersed with magic, cocktail making (you’ve got to love a classic champagne cocktail), cooking workshops, team building games and some innovative photo booth ideas made for a super dooper day. If you want to find out more about some of our exciting discoveries call us now 0845 413 30 30