Although I have not yet consumed a crunchie today (that is yet to come), I can safely say I have that Friday feeling.  And what better way to spend a Friday morning than learning some interesting and pointless facts which you can share with your friends on the weekend?  I’ll tell you, there is no better way.

So, you wake up on a Friday morning and you’re deciding what to wear.  You may think ‘hey, I’ll just pop my jeans on…it is Friday after all!’  Well, STOP!  Put down the denim!  Apparently, denim is the item of clothing which people will don when they don’t care how they look.  Colourful, well cut and figure enhancing clothes are ‘happy clothes’, so laters jeans, here comes the multi coloured onzie…

Which leads me nicely to exfoliation.  Be it a pumice stone, bitty moisturiser or one of those brushes with a long handle (all technical names there), exfoliation is carried out daily by human beans (to quote the BFG) every day.  Or so we thought.  Have I helped to build tension regarding this exciting topic of exfoliation?  I certainly hope so.  Yes, a wild brown bear has been photographed using a barnacle covered rock to exfoliate its face which is the first record of a stone being used for this nature by the species.  This observation implies bears have much greater cognitive abilities than once thought.  In that case, I’d say to the photographer it’s probably best to not take photos of a bear when it’s just trying to have a wash in privacy.

Spiders, heights, water, snakes, brushes (in my brothers case)… these are just some of the objects that we as humans fear the most.  But, I can top those big time.  Koumpounophobia; the fear of buttons.  Note to self, if you have a fear of buttons…don’t tell your daughter who is bordering on the wonderful time of teenager-dom.  A story I read in the paper tells of an 11 year old girl who carries round a jar of buttons and occasionally traps her mum in the corner of rooms to taunt her.  And, it appears to be more common than I thought.  Reading stories from sufferers, one victim of the phobia said they want to vomit if they see a button lying around…heaven forbid it be a ‘four holer’.  I think I’d rather stick with my fear of spiders as I don’t have to use spiders to fasten my clothes on a daily basis.  The imagery of that is awful.

And I finish on the ‘QWERTY’ effect.  Typing with the left hand will convey more negative emotions than with the right hand.  Letters on the right hand side of the keyboard attach more positive meanings, potentially attributed to the fact that they are easier to type.  So who’d have thought that ‘junk’ could bring you more happiness than ‘sex’?  (I have just sat there as faced with a Countdown Conundrum trying to create a word with the letters on the right hand side of the keyboard.  Four letters is not a very good effort.)

I hope you have enjoyed these pointless facts.  I’m not wearing jeans and I’m feeling good.  But, it’s not just avoiding denim and typing on the right hand side of the keyboard which can make you happier.  Treat your staff to a gala dinner; theming gives a free pass for hilarious fancy dress always creates a great night to remember.  Or an afternoon of team building; have your staff rushing to get photos with smiling policemen and performing ‘Summer lovin’ in Hawaiian attire with our hilarious ‘Hired or Fired’ challenge.  Or why not have every single one of your colleagues in stitches with our Laughter Workshop?  There are so many options regardless of budget to keep your staff happy and motivated so please do get in touch!  Happy Friday everybody.