With a title like that maybe this should become a regular blog.  The phones are down in the office which has left us somewhat like lost sheep.  So, it’s blog o’clock and time to discuss some of today’s news.

Ladies, come on down (and collect your metaphorical award).  A record percentage of female directors has been announced today.  A rise of 3.1% since last year puts 15.6% of women on the boards of the UK’s 100 largest listed companies.  Furthermore, action may be taken in 2015 if this percentage does not rise to 25% the Government said to FTSE in a stern but caring manner.  The action may be something along the lines of not being angry, but very disappointed.  If this momentum is sustained then we may even reach 30% by then.  That would be lovely jubbly (of course, the Government’s words not mine).  Gents, this is not a knock to you guys but we think this is something to get excited about!

However, no lady or gentleman can reach director status without a job.  Good News!  Over 2,000 firms are looking to hire rather than fire.  Official statistics say otherwise, but we say ssshh to official statistics and let positive thinking have his time to shine.  Not sure if you are familiar with the Olympics at all?  It’s like a sports day that’s happening in London.  Well, because of the Olympics, north-west of England and the East Midlands businesses are feeling very optimistic about the whole affair.  However, the sun of happiness has not got his hat on across the whole of the UK.  Wales, south-east and east England are feeling a little more negative.  However, the Bank of England is feeling a little bit chuffed as over the next few months the economy is predicted to grow by 1%.  And that, my friends, is a lot better than none percent.

Just to add salt to the wound of unemployment…surveys show that London visitors will pay double last year’s rates for hotels at Olympics time.  The average price of a hotel in London this summer is said to be £213.  Room prices largely fluctuate on currency, political movements and natural disasters (the last being not too much of a surprise).

Nevertheless, the Olympics it’s safe to say is going to be a landmark event in our lifetimes.  Room prices may increase, but that’s a given!  Thinking of coming to the UK for the Olympics?  Brighton is an easy hour commute and has some great hotels on offer.  Why not use our free venue finding service to help find you and your guests the perfect hotel for your stay?

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