The sun’ll come out tomorrow – bet you’re bottom dollar that tomorrow…..(tra la la la la). Ha ha, don’t worry, No, I absolutely am NOT suggesting an ‘Annie’ themed event in any form, it would be a terrible idea and an event I feel pretty sure that no one over the age of 7 would wish to attend! That said though, the snippet of sunshine we’ve experienced over the past week certainly appears to have inspired companies to start thinking about their Summer Party and summer theme ideas for corporate events.

This year ‘summer themes’ seem to be back on the ‘HOT’ list, with party organisers demanding more for their corporate events than a party fuelled with Pimms and strawberries on the London Eye (nice as it might be). Whilst we like to provide innovative and stylish solutions to our corporate clients we are definitely all about listening to what it is that people want to see available.

So let’s talk about suitable summer themes to start with. London and all that’s happening there this summer (namely that big sports day the Olympics) is proving a popular inspiration for a corporate summer party. Then there are those that are looking for more of a British theme – we have some fabulous props and entertainment that complement both themes perfectly. You might think a garden party is a nice idea, simple, stylish and Al fresco, throw in a nice band, some scrummy catering and a bit of cocktail making and everyone will be having fun. Family fun days seem to be in demand this year also so if you fancy an ‘It’s a knock out’ style event then give us a call.

A summer event doesn’t just have to be about a big party though. Our phone lines are hot with enquiries for team building and treasure hunts that combine the competitive and fun element with a party for a finale! It might be a treasure hunt in London, or a nice country house hotel and what’s more if you need the venue then make use of our FREE venue finding service. Having spent last week at CONFEX we’ve definitely got some nice ideas up our sleeves and some fantastic rates negotiated.

We also have some awesome sites across the UK that are perfect to host your own mini Festival – if giant hat tepees, live bands, outdoor catering and camping (or glamping) is up your street then you definitely need to speak to us about our festival packages – they can be as glamorous (or not) as you wish.

We’re set to have a good summer – England is going to be bubbling with sunny Olympic energy and there really are 101 options for your corporate summer party.