You said it Will Smith.  The sunny kingdom of Brightonia has been blessed with 15 degree heat today and my reliable source (Kat) informs me that tomorrow will be 18 degrees; scorchio!  All this sunshine has inspired me to entertain you with an acrostic poem.  I have however not written an acrostic poem since the age of about 11 so this should be an interesting venture.  Do bear with.

Should I have a summer party?  The answer is most definitely yes.  Christmas parties seem to be a given when it comes to companies, however the summer party is some times forgotten about.  It’s a great time of year to celebrate your staff when the sun is shining and everybody is in high spirits.  Happiness in the work place really does spread like margarine on a lovely loaf.  I’m no scientist but if I were to drop in a cheeky little correlation I’d say happy workers means busy, productive workers and a great way of keeping your staff motivated and happy is to show them how much you really appreciate them.  Thus staff+party=success which generally tends to lead to big bucks.

Umbrellas do tend to make quite an appearance in the summer as we all know.  It is really important to bear this in mind when planning an event in the summer.  If you are planning an outdoor extravaganza such as It’s a Knockout or Duck Herding, it’s important to have a back up plan just in case.  Some events can be moderated from outdoors to indoors such as our fantastic hoola hooping and juggling team building activities (provided there is a high ceiling!)  Alternatively, man up and wear a hilarious poncho.

Management of the event variety is a great way to get a summer party planned without the hassle of you having to sort it yourself.  With our free venue finding service we are sure to find you the perfect venue for your summer event.  If you’re looking for a venue with a great outdoor space then the Felbridge Hotel and Spa is your boy.  Felbridge offers plenty of grassy outdoors, perfect for team building activities.  Alternatively, enjoy a BBQ on site in the lovely courtyard area; a sure way to keep your guests happy (if Felbridge lunch is anything to go by, then the BBQ will be yum of the highest degree).

Maybe summer should be spelt with one ‘m’ for the sake of an acrostic.

Everybody loves an activity.  As much as we all enjoy a picnic accompanied by a cheeky Pimm’s or seven, the sunshine tends to accentuate our energy levels and we have some great suggestions how to expel that energy.  We have a great Olympic themed ‘It’s a Knockout’ activity which is hilarious fun for 20 to 500 people!  Our bespoke treasure hunts can also be tailored for any theme and in any location so wherever you are, give us the treasure hunt challenge!  Some favourites include French themed, Olympic themed and Brighton Rock.

Rise and shine (I’m really scraping the barrel now) and get in touch!  Your employees will be eternally grateful to you for the excuse to have a good old knees up and who doesn’t want to have the excuse for a get together in the sunshine?