It creeps up on us every year and every year we appear surprised… This year perhaps the Christmas party chat is being spurred on by the fact that the weather has been so shocking, many of us have had the heating on (in July no less!!) and there has been more warming winter foods consumed this summer so far than salads and BBQ’s – that’s for sure! In fact I read only last week that potato sales have reached a record for this time of year!

Let us help you make your Christmas Party Sparkle

It amazes me really how influenced by our environment we are and seemingly, in the business world, even though the Olympics are still officially to start many of our clients are thinking about their Christmas parties already.

So, we’re just putting the word ‘Christmas’ out there; but if you want a great party venue, a shared party, an exclusive space, some awesome theming and amazing entertainment then get in touch. Our proposals will cost you nothing and our venue finding service is absolutely FREE plus it will save you oodles of time. Call us now 0845 413 3030 or email