It’s the time of year again when our phones go bonkers and clients call us in panic mode about their Christmas party.


Event Space pre theming

The phone calls are usually along the lines of “I need some help *slight tone of panic in voice*, I need to plan our Christmas party but am worried that I’ve left it to late” or “My boss has asked me to sort out the Christmas Party and wants to make a decision by the end of the week – can you get me some options today?” (talk about piling on the pressure!)


The first positive point to talk about here is that we truly do have stacks of ideas (according to my business partner it appears that I’m the creative genius between us – alias the ‘OCD saddo’ that keeps a pad and pencil next to my bed to write down the ideas that wake me up in the middle of the night!!) We also have a fabulous team that is able to put together proposals for clients at record speed and laden with ideas to impress.


Event space transformed into a Winter Wonderland!

The second point to take into account is that already at this time of year many venues, entertainers and event suppliers already have heavy diaries for the Christmas period but with our support and expertise we are always able to pull great things out of our sleeves! It’s true; I can guarantee that we will be able to produce an option that will impress you. It’s our job to pull out all the stops to make the impossible possible!


Christmas parties can take place in all sorts of different formats though. Clients don’t always just want a bog standard hotel venue though. It might be a unique unsual space that is required or some smaller companies want to be a part of a more lavish event in which case a joiner or shared party at a larger venue might be more up their street.


This year the demand for us to transform office buildings has been greater which is also kind of nice (exciting for me for sure!) It’s amazing how we can transform a space and what can be done with lighting, introducing a theme and decor, some funky furniture and bringing in delicious catering. Anything’s impossible and it doesn’t need to break the bank either.


If you think any of the above is for you do give us a call on 0845 413 3030 or contact us through the website. All we need from you is an idea of your budget, where you want the party to take place and we will put together a proposal that will get you excited about Christmas and take away your stress of planning.