Event management support for PAsToday is National PA Day – and no, it’s nothing to do with piercings. It’s a day to celebrate the PA, Personal Assistant, and all they do to help keep the wheels of industry turning.

I’ve been a PA. In my distant past I worked for a large architectural firm in London called BDP and I worked directly for a couple of the partners. It’s a tough job – in those days (she said, creaking slightly and reaching for walking stick) PAs had to do all the typing for bosses as well as the rest of it all and it’s a constant flow of management, organisation and avertion of crisis. I used to work some really long days – much longer than my two bosses.

The Argus in Brighton today published an article outlining how PAs feel that they’re undervalued. I’m not surprised – it can often be one of those thankless jobs that nobody appreciates until you’re not there, or if something goes wrong. PAs often hold large corporations together, keeping things running smoothly, and the fact that they often go unheralded is a crime

We often work with PAs – I like to think that having been on the other side, I’ve been able to help Pretty Clever create options that support PAs and we often find our event management solutions are useful to them. Whether it’s the FREE venue finding service when they’re looking for conference venues, or help organising the Christmas party – we know PAs are often expected to organise social and corporate events as part of their job and we can offer sympathetic support. Hopefully we’ve made a few peoples’ lives a bit easier.

Even better, we offer a really great incentive for PAs as a reward scheme. Use Pretty Clever’s services and we say thanks with vouchers for Champneys, John Lewis, M&S – wherever the PA prefers really. It’s our way of saying thanks

So to all you PAs out there, we salute you. And I’m glad there’s a PA Day! Enjoy it