There has been lots of change over the past couple of years with regards to Christmas parties and what companies are prepared to spend on their employees. The recession of course has been the catalyst for change, and whilst there have been some tense, nail biting moments over on the agency side of the fence trends finally seem to be changing and I for one can spot a twinkling of light at the end of a very long tunnel. Companies are putting their hands in their pockets and starting to spend money once again.

Winter wonderland

The shock in 2011 was when larger companies started to slam on their breaks, quite literally you could see the smoke and craters formed where heels had been dug in. Spending had to stop, or at the very least be cut and until 2013 I thought we had seen the day of extravagant spending and lavish parties. It has largely been up to the individual departments to find their own budget for their Christmas Party….many were even asking their employees to subsidise it!

This year we have a few bigger parties etched into the diary but still there are many departments or smaller companies that want to have a Christmas party but not in a restaurant, instead they want to be part of something big – bigger and better, just because you might be a small fish in a big sea (s’cuse the cliché) doesn’t mean to you can’t be part of a big party with all the trimmings. There are lots of big shared Christmas parties about that are entertainment heavy and laden with fancy and innovative theming and scrumdiddlyocious menus. In London for example you could dance the night away in some  stunning venues such as Old Billingsgate, The artillery gardens at the HAC or Vinopolis to name but a few with themes that range from ‘Boogie Nights’ to a New York fuelled American dream Grand central themed event.

So to sum it all up even if you’re a tiny team of 5 it doesn’t mean to say you’re not important and that you can’t be in the thick of the fun. There are shared parties across the country that you can be a part of. Call us now for ideas 0845 413 3030